Design & Development

Booths that work. So you can enjoy the show.

Design and development for trade show exhibits.

Bottom line? It’s all-inclusive when you work with Featherlite. That doesn’t mean we provide three meals a day and a beach view, however. But it does mean we offer the full spectrum of services required to get your trade show displays from conception to the convention hall. From concepting and design to engineering and manufacturing to printing and shipping to storage and logistics, it’s simple: we handle everything so you don’t have to.

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A good display begins with a great vision.
When we begin designing your trade show exhibit, the last thing we do is start sketching out artwork. Instead, we start asking questions, listening to answers and exchanging ideas. No matter if you want simple banner stands or a custom project, learning about you, your business and your vision is paramount to developing a compelling exhibit.

Once we outline a vision together, we put our proverbial pencils to the proverbial drawing board and come up with preliminary trade show designs that turn into final designs that turn into the finished product – all while remaining cognizant of your budget, brand and messaging.

Development and manufacturing. Yep, we do all that, too.
On the other side of our showroom you’ll find our fabrication shop. That’s where we cut, saw, drill, sand, assemble and polish the hardware components that make up your trade show display. From modular countertops to aluminum structures to fabric printing and cutting, we are literally your one-stop manufacturing shop.