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Displays done the artisan way

At Featherlite we believe that better engineering leads to better design. Our research and development team carefully plans each phase to ensure a process that creates results that are as functional as they are beautiful.

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Research & Development


Great products only start out as good products. They require time, effort, craftsmanship and tireless trial and error to become great. Our designers and engineers refuse to stop short of greatness. It is only when design and aesthetic support each other in perfect harmony that we lay our pencils down.

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The Dawn of a New Era

Upscale. Back-lit. Portable.

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We are proud to introduce our two newest product lines; Radiant and Meridian. Both product lines feature lightweight frames, tool-less assembly, show-stopping designs and now, LED backlit brilliance and redesigned structural extrusions. Available Summer 2017.

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Innovative &
Tool-less kits

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These back-lit beauties are sure to add a show-stopping effect to any portable booth display. RADIANT offers a variety of configurations, so you can glow big or small.

RADIANT offers new and compelling designs that emphasize scalable light box elements that interface seamlessly with all Featherlite portable technologies. As true with all of our portable products, RADIANT features a 100% tool-less assembly, and packs neatly into a portable case that becomes a freestanding counter.

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Innovative &
Tool-less kits

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Optimal LED

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Expand your impact with a larger display system. Meridian will ensure an elevated visual impact with even more back-lit LED areas to focus attention and increase traffic. Meridian conveniently packs into compartmentalized roto-mold cases.

Meridian allowed our designers to show off their good taste so you can show off yours. With metalwork that a sculptor would be proud of and a powder coat that would look right at home on the world’s hottest hot rods, Meridian allows you to elevate your brand to new heights.

Upcoming events

Prototype Preview

See our new display systems for yourself at ExhibitorLive 2017. Stop by and say hello, get answers from the pros and learn more about how our new products can become a part of your tradeshow system.


12 - 16

Mandalay Bay Convention Center
Featherlite Exhibits
Booth #1837

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